Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sample Tagalog Birthday Message

last weekend, after lunch at the lodge, my son asked me to accompany him to the courtyard where, with a look of great concern to me says

- Uncle ...

- I'm not your uncle! If you marry my daughter with am your father, "he said for the umpteenth time.

- Father in law, "he says with that face every indication that the next time tell me (do not know why)" uncle "- I ask for advice. I do not know what to do ... yesterday it was confirmed that her daughter is pregnant with our tenth child ... if they are not twins. What do I do?

- NOTHING! "I cry" from now on do nothing!.


If keeping an efficient team for the company has a positive incremental NPV on modern technology of choice, the logical thing would seem to be no replacement.

For corporate image (which often can not be quantified) or strategic considerations to be better prepared to face the future, often making the decision to perform the replacement, which could be valid for various projects.

But it is always possible to assess whether an improvement in current assets (so-called base situation optimized) may be a better option than keeping the assets and replace.

I, for example, my son would cut (CENSORED).


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